Bali—a tropical island paradise

Begin your gap year experience with Year On by setting out to one of our international locations to volunteer and immerse yourself in a new culture. 

Stay in a small remote fishing village, immerse yourself in the local community through volunteer activities. Explore ancient temples, take a yoga class, or hike a waterfall. Then head to San Francisco to explore your interests, work with a coach, and learn real-life skills.

Download our field guide to learn more about life in Bali, explore different volunteer projects, and see what's included in a typical volunteer day.

Download the Bali Field Guide

Life in Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Dylan Kelley, 2017 Fellow

Photo by Lizzie Youshaei, 2017 Fellow

Photo by Manna Kanuga, 2016 Fellow

Photo by Lizzie Youshaei, 2017 Fellow

Teaching English

Photo by Lizzie Youshaei, 2017 Fellow

3 Phases. 2 Countries. 32 Weeks.



Leave your comfort zone. Gain a deeper understanding of the world. Explore a new culture.


San Francisco

Live in San Francisco. Dive deeper into your interests. Gain life skills. Work with a coach.


Your Choice

Step into the real world. Put your skills to the test with a project, bootcamp, or internship.

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